Quirky Named Places and What to Do There, Episode 8

Josh Black
5 min readJun 8
Readymoney Cove — Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

Travels around the United States and the Caribbean so far. The next destination is England. A land filled with myths, mysteries, and ancient history. An important influence on the Americas, the island nation at one time commanded the high seas. Outposts and colonies wrapped around the world, the saying, “the sun never sets on the English empire”, was factual. East Asia to New Zealand and Australia, to India, the Middle East and the West Indies, the proud nation has influenced many cultures and in turn those same cultures have influenced the homeland, Britain.

For the curious, Britain is an island. England is the largest territory. Wales and Scotland also are states on the isle as well. Ready your passport, it’s on to London, then greater England on this quirky tour.

Arriving in the U.K., most international travelers touch down in one of the metro London airports. Considering we’re already in London Town. A bit of exploring is in order. On the east end of the sprawling nation’s capital is Isle of Dogs. History has long ago forgotten the origin of the naturally marshy thumb jutting out, forming a long, deep bend in the River Thames. The famous river is a watery super-highway meandering through southern Britain. Many of the most famous sites in the city line the banks.

What to do in the now modern, skyscraper packed part of the city? Plenty. Mudchute Park and Farm is a green oasis in the bustling surroundings. A working and educational space for the whole family. Learn about ducks, sheep, pigs, donkeys, and a whole lot more. Island Gardens is the tip of the big river bend. Look out across the fast-flowing river to the south bank. If you’re drawn to crossing the river to explore the other bank, it is a less than 20-minute walk to the Prime Meridian. A crossroads of the world of sorts. Technically London is both in the eastern and western hemispheres, stand right on the line at this curious landmark. Just the same as the equator, north and south represent the middle of the planet, the prime meridian is the recognized, middle of the globe east and west.

Readymoney Cove, Cornwall UK

Cornwall is the most southwestern county in England. The Southern coastline is rugged. Hidden along the winding narrow coastal roads is the town of Fowey. Also…

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